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what is gelmicin cream used for
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I have boils on the lower part of my stomach, do you think gelmicin will be good for that ## Hello, Traviesa! How are you? It really depends on what's causing them. Have you had them checked out? How big are they? How often do you get them? There is a steroid in Gelmicin, so it could actually make them worse, in some cases. ## Yes I have had them checked out my doctor says its because I dont have my diabetes controled, there like quarter size and sometimes ill get them about four times a month. And ill ask my doctor about this medication thank you very much for your response, I appreciate it, once again thank you and god bless you ## Hello . Well I had a boil right on my stomach too that wouldn’t go away for two months and it helping me a lot . It stopped the pain and it...
Updated 21 minutes ago in Diabetes.
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Updated 28 minutes ago in Suboxone.
Help! Single Disabled Mom Wrongfully Kicked Out Of Pain Management
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Ok, this will be lengthy to include all the necessary details but can someone help please? My being able to raise my daughter depends on my necessary medicine. I have no clue where else to turn. I have DDD with 4 herniated as of 2014 MRI, adv & degenerative osteoarthritis of the spine, tarlov cysts, neuropathy and nerve compression so badly that my left leg will give out with little warning. My father and I went to our PM last week, only a few days after unexpectedly burying my oldest sister. I've been a very trustworthy patient of his for four years and my Dad just about one year. Doc puts us both in same room which he's never done before. Doc starts talking to my Dad who is clearly morose & then says to my Dad, I don't like your attitude, which again just answers t...
Updated 39 minutes ago in Aspirin.
Long term therapy of 20mg Prednisone daily.
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About every 6 to 8 weeks I go on a 16 day decreasing round of Prednisone starting w 40mg x 4 days, 30mg x 4 days, 20mg x 4 days, and 10mg x4 days. I have been doing this for 2 years. The results of the medicine are wonderful. I am 72, and actually have flashes of my youth from the drug. Near the end of the 6 to 8 weeks without the Prednisone I am quite miserable. I am interested in knowing the risks of decreasing to the 20mg level and just staying on long term for 6 months. ## The NIH lists the long-term risks of steroid usage as possibly including weight gain, moon face, fluid retention, congestive heart failure and immune suppression. It would be best not to take it, long-term, without your doctor's approval. Are you on any other medications? ## Holy Cow! Get off of that.I have se...
Updated 1 hour ago in Prednisone.
white long pill xanax on one side and 2 the other
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Are these pills that look like a Xanax bar with the word Xanax on them and a 2 on the other side fake or real? I think they are fake. And I think I just got hustled. But that's OK. He f***ed with the wrong b****. ## you were not hussled, you were hooked up ## The Xanax 2 mg and Xanax on one side We'll mine are sweet no bitterness same kind
Updated 1 hour ago in Xanax.
how to stop taking losartan
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I had taken losartan50/hctz 12.5 for 10 years, In recently years I suffered dry coughing and bad running nose allergy. I found out this is the side effect of losartan. Cutting the dose to half, changing to a water pill.. did not solve the problem. Over this holiday I developed bronchitis and was quite ill. I had very bad coughing, losing voice, sinus infection, nose bleeding, etc. I stopped taking Losartan to avoid further complications. I notified my doctor that I will check my blood pressure if the record is not over 140-90. I will keep the Losartan off. What else can I do? ## Hello, Muchin! How are you doing? Have your symptoms improved, yet? The FDA lists other typical side effects of this medication as possibly including nausea, dizziness, headache and increased urination. However,...
Updated 1 hour ago in Losartan.
What Does Xanax Taste Like
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yes, i have alot of experience with xanax. if they are rectangle, 3 cuts, and say xanax on one side and 2 on the other, your good. u didnt get ripped off. they are legit. ## What if they look perfect and taste just like chalk? ## That means you got snookered!~ ## My zanax does not taste bittier. It is from the drug store. My have a kinda sweet taste ## Could be Xantac instead. Happened to me once at Walgreens ## The taste has simply changed! It never I’m 30 yrs tasted moldy bitter. Makes me sick! Did I get ripped off from pharmacy?? ## I just gotten some Xanax bars look legit but are sweet not bitter. Anyone help me with this? I don't kno if they put a sweetner in these particular brand. I have 15 yrs experience, can't go without them. Advice plz
Updated 2 hours ago in Xanax.
Generic subutex/buprenorphine. Ranking from best to worst..
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This is for people who actually take Subutex for the intended purpose for which it is used. So if you actually take the medication sublingually, this thread will help you. I have been taking buprenorphine for three and a half years now. This is what I have found: (8mg) Best: Avtavis 153/half moon (orange) Middle: Roxanne 54/411 (white) Worst: Hi-Tech 8/arrow Again, this is for people who take medication as prescribed. You can actually break the medication in half and put it and the front of your lip like dip & chewing tobacco. It will take longer for it to dissolve like this but you will get much much more of the bupe. ## Does keeping the leftover saliva\bupe mixture under your toung for longer periods help at all? I try not to swallow the bupe-liva for 30 min.+...but it's a pai...
Updated 2 hours ago in Subutex.
More testing?Why not scan left side?
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My Dr gave me an ultrasound Dr Mueller on right side and it showed fatty liver going down to pancrease and cyst on right kidneyHe refuses to give me a scan on left side i am thinking of switching drs fast Is that a good idea and what should i be doing for proactive care i am on diet and exersise as much as i can
Updated 2 hours ago in Pancrease.
acebrophylline versus doxophylline
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advantage of acebrophylline ## Acebrophylline is an airway mucous regulator with anti-inflammatory properties. I cannot find side effect information, but there is more information on the mechanism of action and chemical properties here: Molcan.com Click Here CureHunter.com Click Here I hope this information helps, if there is anything else I can find for you, please post back and let me know ## what is the basic different in between acebrophylline and doxophylline. ## The therapeutic activity and safety of acebrophylline were evaluated in 50 patients (34 men and 16 women) with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. The drug was administered for 10 consecutive days using three formulations—capsules, granulate, and syrup—at a dose of 100 mg twice daily. The effectiveness of ac...
Updated 3 hours ago in Anti-Inflammatory.
Round Blue C 1 Clonazepam
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What company makes this pill ? never seen this kind before. wondering how it compares to the other companies.. C 1 on one side and blank on the other.. thanks ## I found some other information that lists these are being 1mg Clonazepam, but there's nothing in the prescription databases to confirm this, because they are said to be very new. Due to the lack of information, I also don't know who the manufactured is at this time. Where did you get them? Learn more Clonazepam details here. ## i looked it up it is a 1 mill clonazapepam you can go to pill identifier and it will let you type in any pill and you can find what you need ## Is this pill for anxiety like xantax ## Accord makes the dark blue clonazepam that has a C over a 1 and no hash mark to break in half, but still will bre...
Updated 3 hours ago in Clonazepam.
white round pill with N8 on one side and an arrow on the other
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Please help. I found this and don't know what it is? The pill is white, round and has an arrow looking thing on one side and N8 on the other. I need to know as quickly as possible please. ## Hello, Lindry! How are you? This tablet is manufactured by Hi-Tech Pharmacal and they list it as being an 8/2mg generic for Suboxone. The FDA classifies this medication as an opiate that is most commonly used to treat drug addiction, so it carries the risk of being habit forming and may cause side effects, such as nausea, dizziness, headache, dry mouth and constipation. Is there anything else I can help with? ## I've been on suboxen for a while now and when i picked up my script today, they were these new generic N8's which replaced the round orange AN415's.I get them from the VA and...
Updated 3 hours ago in Suboxone.
Suboxone: Chronic pain / taper?
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I was on 80mg of oxycontin 3 times a day and it was no longer helping after taking it for many, many, many years. I switched to Suboxone for my Chronic Pain Mgt. Was on 6mg films for the 1st year and always had extra, as I took them at night. I was shocked how well they worked along with Flexeril for my back, leg and feet pain. Then I was cut to 3mg film once a day. I usually take the 6mg film every other day, and still forget at times, so I may only use 11 instead of 14 in 28 days. I recently tried to cut to the equivalent of 1/3 a day, but the insomnia and anxiety were off the charts after only a few days. At my last appointment it was Student Teaching Day. I ?? my Doctor! He explained how I am there for pain management which is why I haven't been completely we end off the medicat...
Updated 3 hours ago in Suboxone.
Abortion Tablets Name In Pakistan to remove pregnancy
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I had sex with my g.f on june 8th and her last period date was june 4th. Now it is july 8th and she does not have her period. Please tell me which medicine is used to remove a pregnancy. ## I am not a doctor and I don't know what's available in Pakistan. However, the most commonly used medications are Mifepristone and Misoprostol. Learn more Mifepristone details here. Learn more Misoprostol details here. They do, however, require a doctor's prescription in most countries. Has she consulted a doctor? ## how to stop pregnancy before starting without medicine sex had done 2 days ago??????? ## my GF is pregment from 2 months so what can we do. have u any medicine to stop pregmency ## Dear sir my wife is pregnet for 40 days what I do to remove this ## May 20saal ka ho. Meri g.fre...
Updated 3 hours ago in Misoprostol.
orange subutex 153 half moon...
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Yes they are subutex 153 half moon and the are shaped like a surf board. they work way better then suboxsen strips people keeps saying they cut the strips into millions of peaces if that is the case . You don't need them in the first place. This new one orange subutex 153 half moon surf board shape ones last way longer.. And work great oh my god they work so great ! I recommend them to anyone using the white ones or the strips they both suck compared to the new ones . Take it of leave it but its the truth. if you take just a half it will last you two days ...unreal. ## For these subutex do they taste disgusting like the strips. As of May 1st our physician decided not to do subutex anymore. Luckily I just had my baby I am worried about breastfeeding. An hate the taste of Suboxone it...
Updated 3 hours ago in Subutex.
chronic back pain relief
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I have had lower back surgery L4-5 in 2001 re-injured in 2002 and an cervical fusion without disc just a graft and a plate this was done in 2009 and have had back pain ever since now and developing thorasic pain somewhere around T11 or twelve. I have been to at least 4 pain management doctors and received 10.325 hydrocodone. Since it became a schedule 2 narcotic I was taken off them and given. Tramadol 50mg they do nothing this is from my current doctor. I need something stronger. I don't abuse the medication but I am in constant pain. I took the hydrocodone for 6 years now have to struggle to even walk my dog and drive. I have never done anything like this before looking for some kind of relief. i even tried an neurospinal stimulator that did not work. I live in Texas and see no en...
Updated 4 hours ago in Vicodin ES.
Chronic Lower Back Pain
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I have major back issues, mi have no insurance, so I can't afford the MRI I need. My DR has prescribed me percocets 10/325 every 4-6 hours along with flexeril 10mgs 1 or 2/day, my DR has recently prescribed 300mgs a day of neurontin and 500mgs of naproxen 2x's/day. None of it helps. Does anybody have any suggestions I could take to my DR of what could help. I'm in constant pain, can hardly sleep and the muscle spasms occurring more often elevating my pain level. Any suggestions would be of great help, thanks everybody! ***Also I have always had a high tolerance for any medications, which my dr does know about. I just need some advice and help and this site seems to have good people that have actual good advice. ## The Flexeril is really a very mild muscle relaxant, so you mi...
Updated 4 hours ago in Percocet.
will taking suboxone tell my doctors if my chronic pain is still there
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Was taking 6-8 Lortab's a day with Fetanyl patch every 72 hours. Doctors need to know if my spine pain is still present or if meds were just masking. So he put me on Suboxone. I take a half at a time. Three suboxones and I still have spine pain. What does this mean? ## Suboxone doesn't tend to alleviate pain as much as most other narcotics, so after taking it for awhile, you should be able to let them know if you still have the pain and how bad it is, but it will prevent you from going into withdrawals from stopping the other medications. At this point, after being on it for such a short time, you may be having rebound pain from stopping the other medications, so you'll likely need to give it a little more time, before you know for sure. The FDA classifies this medication as...
Updated 4 hours ago in Suboxone.
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Just received my refill of soma 350mg but they look different than the ones I am used to getting from the same pharmacy. No read out was put in the bag. The white round pill had a SG 109 on one side & blank on the other side. Anybody ever heard of these before? Because, since there was no print out of the new different medication I was a little worried, "what if the pharmacist made a little error in mine & somebody else's medications". Thanks for any feedback. ## Errors are made every day but these pills have been identified as Soma ## That is correct, they are manufactured by ScieGen Pharmaceuticals and they list them as containing 350mgs of Carisoprodol, which is a generic for Soma. The FDA lists its typical side effects as possibly including nausea, dizziness, hea...
Updated 4 hours ago in Soma.
Maximum dose of Suboxone/Subutex & chronic pain
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What is the maximum dose of suboxone or subutex when you have severe pain? ## What is the maximum daily dose of subutex? I'm taking it to wean off of opiate pain killers but may need to stay on it for chronic pain. My doctor has me taking 2mg up to 6 times a day, but it feels like too much and I feel sick at 6 mg. I can't imagine taking more. Any answers would be helpful... thanks. ## If u have true clinical pain suboxone will not work it is for opiate detox only. It is an opiate blocker which will in turn allow your brain to make its own dopamine. ## feelinbettergoinbroke is wrong, suboxone is used for the treatment of chronic pain. Although, I think the reason you are getting sick is because your doctor has you taking 2mg up to 6 times a day. That in itself is causing you to b...
Updated 4 hours ago in Suboxone.

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